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Welcome to Kansas Braille Transcription Institute

Since the founding of KBTI in 2000, it has become widely associated with and recognized alongside the Braille American Flag.  While every man and woman who has ever worked or volunteered with KBTI harbors a deep regard for our Nation’s most revered and recognized symbol, we have not forgotten the Institute’s main mission.

At the heart of our mission is Braille literacy.  Most Americans are not aware that as few as only one of ten blind Americans is Braille literate.  Braille is to the blind as print is to the sighted.  Unfortunately, this includes blind children enrolled in schools across our great country.  The need for itinerate teachers of the visually impaired continues to exist, as does the need for Certified Braille Transcribers.

There are a few things we at KBTI would like to invite you to do in joining us in the fight against Braille illiteracy.

1. Educate yourself a little by visiting this link and learn how many residents in your state are blind or visually impaired, you may be surprised.

2. Contact us about having a children’s book put into Braille or large print for someone blind or visually impaired. You’ll discover just how inexpensive it is, and how quickly this can be accomplished.

Join us in the fight against Braille illiteracy. Tell us how we can help you too.

Reading by touch is not an art, its literacy.